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The Online Retail Russia Forum is the only event in Russia, which has been arranged to discuss and share experience between key e-commerce players and is focused on big business in RuNet.


For the first time! Forum + exhibition!

Online Retail Russia will be arranged in a different format this fall. In November, we will add exhibition possibilities to the conference program. The exhibition will present foreign service providers, who will come to Russia for the first time, alongside traditional forum partners and their latest solutions for online business. We guarantee a thorough selection of consultants and service providers: only market leaders will be invited to the exhibition. Take an occasion to meet people on whom your business depends in one place!

Focus on discussion

One of the peculiarities of the upcoming Forum will be a big number of roundtable discussions – specialized sections meant to discuss problems in private. Separate discussions are previewed for each of the market sectors: food, diy, fashion, droggery. Some roundtable discussions will be organized behind closed doors.

Frank dialogue

Three debate sections are planned in the framework of the Forum. The largest companies in various fields – logistics, e-adverts, CRM technologies – will answer some of the delegates’ most critical questions. Criticism is welcome!

And, of course, we remain loyal to our principles, which make Online Retail Russia different from many other events:

international expert examination 

The Online Retail Russia Forum has already brought to Russia the representatives of e-Bay and BestBuy, Mango and Camaieu. In December 2012 – for the first time in Russia – the representatives and employees of Zappos delivered a lecture to the Forum delegates. To ensure foreign companies’ presence at the Forum, to contribute to knowledge transfer from hand to hand is our team’s number 1 task.

agenda, composed by market players 

We are proud of our agenda composition technology, which meets the market demands. The Forum is held twice a year and its agenda must always be up-to-date and provide information, adequate to companies’ challenges at the moment. As contrasted with other events, the agenda is not composed by just one company or organizers. It is composed based on the in-depth interviews with representatives of the largest e-commerce companies – members of the expert team. Today, the team consists of 20 professionals.

Visitors by sector                                                    Visitors by positions

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Who attends?

• Retail chains, developing or planning to develop e-commerce trade
• Pure online players
• Logistic and IT-companies
• Search machines, payment systems